Klein Neundorf

For 3 years now, a project development process has been underway, in close coordination with the Agency for Nature Conservation and the approval agencies, for the use of the approx. 60-ha property on the western flank of the lake that was purchased by EBS in 2010.

Most of the property includes extensive, detailed open-space planning. Private viticulture is an outstanding option in this location, and is currently under consideration. The overall usage will mainly focus on holiday and recreational facilities. A smaller portion will be used for a relaxed, generously spread-out residential development.

The “Am Weingarten” jetty has already been built for the planned boating route on Lake Berzdorf.

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This plot of land is idyllically located on the outskirts of Jauernick-Buschbach, with a view of Lake Berzdorf and the Izera or Giant Mountains, about 6 km from the city of Görlitz.

The town, with its beautiful townscape that has grown organically over the years and its intact, smoothly functioning village structure, together with its cultural offerings (St. Wenzeslaus Foundation, the “Bergwirtschaft” inn) and its proximity to the European city of Görlitz, make Jauernick-Buschbach a popular place to live. 

Nearby Lake Berzdorf provides access to an extremely attractive recreational area, which features a golf course, swimming beach and yacht harbor. In fact, Jauernick-Buschbach took third place in Saxony’s state competition, “Our village has a future”!

An approved construction plan is available for the plot, which measures a total of about 7,000 m², with up to 9 free-standing single-family homes on properties measuring between about 700 and 1,200 m².

The properties are for sale. You can download a project summary here.

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